Sunday, June 26, 2011

 This is the most last minute order and incredibly impossible to fullfil. Mrs. Neighbour ask me to make 40 variety cupcakes flavour that is available at Lana Bake House . Dia nak promote kat kawan who loves cakes so much. Nak tolak permintaan, tak sampai hati. Coz she's so willingly nk promote my cakes. Nak buat, 40 cupcakes different cupcakes ... alahai ....
But, we managed anyway. 5 new different flavours of cuppies were 'launched' yesterday for Mrs Neighbour!

Choco cheese cupcake with choco chips. Only the chips cant be seen coz tak letak lagi. haha.

Strawberry cuppies and Blueberry cuppies. Berry Craze ...

This one is an excellent combination. Choco cuppies with caramel topping, spread with walnut. Heavenly. Then Choco Moist cuppies with choco ganache and frsh strawberries. Loike!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The famous Red Velvet Cake is now available at Lana Bake House. I've seen this in a cupcake outlet in kl selling for RM 5 per piece. Tak sanggup nk makan pon, bleh tengok je kot. This moist n soft cake with cruncy walnut inside and creamy cheese topping. I say "Yummie!".

Birthday cake for my neighbour's son, haziq yang juga bestfren my son. Minat sangat kat spongebob. Chocolate moist cake dgn steam buttercream and edible image & m&ms for deco. Bawa ke sekolah untuk celebrate dengan kawan2 dan teachers. Comments:- "Cikgu kata tak pernah rasa kek sesedap ini. Kek ni makan, rasa macam 'wah!'. Selalu balance kek cikgu bagi balik utk parents makan, tp yang ni cikgu minta untuk makan2 esok pulak."
Haha, i don't know what is so special about this choco moist cake. why don't you try it yourselves?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Busiest week. all weddings and engagements and holidays ... huh. anyway,manage to make this cake for my BIL engagement. from kl to pagoh johor. this cake is called basket of roses. oleh sebab temanya orange, maka roses pon orange juga dengan flavour orange. Available now at Lana Bake House.

Order from my aunty as hantaran for my kazen's engagement "swad&arlin" who is follower of this page. Steam buttercream, tema purple white. So we make it orchid. since the orchid have some white in it, the background is yellow. Selling for RM95, plastic boxes and deco are excluded.

Or it can be 3-tier wedding cakes. oops, the stand on this pic is for presentation purpose only. hehe, belum ada modal nak beli.

Good news for everyone. Steam buttercream is now available at Lana Bake House. Its super smooth like fondant, yet more delicious than buttercream. Yes, u read it rite. Comes with 3 different types of flowers; roses, orchid and petunia. Inside are soft fluffy sponge cake or buttery good butter/marble cake. Its ur choice. Suitable for hantaran and wedding cakes.