Thursday, July 21, 2011

This cake is especially made for all my staffs @ bahagian penguatkuasa. As a moral booster kerana kerja Isnin-Ahad dari jam 8.00 pagi - 10.00 malam since 18 julai sampai ler raya nanti. so guys, keep ur head up and give your best!
Butter cake with steam buttercream, suitable for any occasions. Selling at RM 45.

Ha, this one is special. Puteri mandi ... hehe. order from cikgu sekolah bayan lepas untuk 6 y.o girl dia. Available now at Lana Bake House for RM 55.

Kek barbie doll yang sedang hot di KL tapi suam-suam kuku di Penang. Mungkin kerana harganya yang agak mahal membuatkan ramai yang terpikir banyak kali untuk menempah kek sebegini. Mahal pon sebab nak buat renyah dan too detailed. Anyway, this order is from staf untuk her 6 y.o daughter. Seronoknya cik kak tu dapat kek barbie doll. kek perisa oren dengan steam buttercream dan buttercream for deco.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Another order from Mrs. Neighbour- the famous chocolate moist cake with buttercream. From a wife to her hubby, how sweet.

True chocolate moist cake. order from staf for family makan-makan. tq so much for the support.

Monday, July 4, 2011

My sweet princess Lana has turn 1. So, for the celebration I make a special cake for her.

Our 1st barbie doll cake - cakes are mix of chocolate and orange cake. Iced with steam buttercream and simple deco.

Extra cake - as the guess list is quite long. Orange Butter Cake with steam buttercream and edible photo of Disney Princess.

Also our 1st production - Apom Dot Dot with kaya and strawberry filling.

Now a hit at Lana Bake House, Chocolate Cake dengan Steam Butter Cream. Thanks to Mrs. Neighbour who kept promoting this cake. This is her order as well for her baby girl which also my daughter's 'twin'. Lahir dalam gap a few hours je .. ehehe ... Simple deco untuk makan2 family je sebab tak sempat merasa 'sponge bob' cake in the previous order.

The evergreen favorite, eh ye ke? Carrot cake with walnut and cream cheese icing. Order from a staff which is also a friend for his wifey birthday.