Sunday, March 10, 2013

This is the 2nd cake from Ms suria. chocolate moist. also with spiderman edible image. unfortunately, the choco topping melt during the delivery of the cake.the big image slide to the bottom of the cake,e verthing smeared.  this has never happen before. quite shock and afraid, we took back the cake to 'repair'. thank god ms suria is so understanding, she accept the 'repaired' cake. truly sorry ms suria.

Order from Ms Suria. Last year she ordered a Ben 10 cake. this year she order two 10" cake. this one is for the birthday boy to celebrate at school.

The infamous Durian Crepe. ramai customer yang request for these. bought some from sg petani. Although we are truly durian lover but, a big no no to this durian crepe. we don't like it, so we wont sell it.

Order for 25 pcs of cute cupcake. Unfortunately we couldn't find a 25 pcs L size cupcake box in Penang. Luckily the customer is sporting enough to let us put in 2 boxes. we hope that these cupcakes met ur 'cute' standard.

Dora cake. The girl is so into Dora the Explorer. She order the same cake in 2 years. Thanx mama zulaikha.

Another order of rainbow cake.

Liverpool cake with extra cupcakes wrote "Happy Birthday Sylvesterz Love". Order came from edwin in Thailand for Sylvester in Air Itam, Penang.

Rainbow cake, the new design.also a new hit lately. 7 rainbow colors.7 layer cakes n cream with 7 different flavours.

Carrot-almond cake with cream cheese topping and edible image. Last minute order during CNY holidays. Birthday Boy's name is to be left blank coz it is in Chinese word.

Posting bakery products yang lama, tak ingat dah bila n siapa yang order. Choco moist cake.