Friday, October 28, 2011

Order from my bestfriend. Kawan sejak darjah 6.that was bck in year (cant even recall) 1991. so skrg dah 20 years. (oh fren we must celebrate it together sometimes!). she is in putrajaya now with her hubby n kids. order is for her baby sister ( no longer a baby) in batu uban. delivered. we missed her by just a few minutes. she left for nite shift. anyway, hope the sister and her mother enjoys the cake!tq fren for ur support.


  1. dear fren..ur cake sgt sedap..mak aku sgt suka..adik aku suka..abg aku pun suka.. semua org next order.. carrot cake pulak ye

  2. amboi ... we pun lagi suka suka!